What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week

Reading: I usually don’t make a habit of blowing my own horn but I published an additional article the other day on a brother’s website. I told a story about how I chose keeping my word over convenience. Sellouts are warned.



Additional Reading: I decided to add another article I noticed. RPD talks about brutal ideas that feminists ignore or don’t know about. We might be creatures of advanced knowledge but biology/evolution drive our decisions over time. We don’t stop being “animals” (or at least mammals).



Listen: Allana Pratt was a guest on the Good Dad Project. The episode was titled “Become Irresistible to Your Woman”. I enjoyed their talk about connecting and understanding how your woman “gets hot for you”. I watered it down but it is a deep dive if you choose to listen/learn.



Noticing: The numbers of bars and restaraunts offering UFC (and mma) events. It has dropped dramatically. The one’s that offer the fights started having to ask for cover. I had always been a fan of the UFC but it makes it more difficult to get people together to watch it. (I don’t know that many people that have ESPN+ or DAZN, or even UFC Fight Pass). The UFC (or their parent company, William Morris Endeavor/IMG) has seen a large increase in the amount of money from PPV’s but do they understand that many of their events are not reaching a cross section of their fans that they used to?



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