Rudolf II: Death of an Ineffectual Leader

Over the weekend; I had read about various things about leaders and January 20th  just happened to be the 408th anniversary of Rudolf II’s death.

He wasn’t known to be a great leader. He was more known for his hobbies and diversions.

Rudolf gave in and looked weak at times when it wouldn’t pay do to so. He continued to fight where it exhausted his armies. (It pays to negotiate when you lose long enough. Also, one must know when a fight is worthwhile). His idiocy in his own backyard helped light off the Thirty Years War. (But of course; he checked out before the big parts of the war came around).

I think that Rudolf II should stand as an example. I feel that any leader, even those in modern times, that would rather focus on faddish issues or undertake social crusades are doing their constituents a great disservice.

I am hard pressed to see the benefit of paying someone to do something that we should be doing ourselves. I also would rather our leaders put their energies into the things that have been left undone that is within their scope.

I hope that the electorate can look at terrible leaders and we remember the bad ones too. It can push us to make better decisions when we go to the ballot box.

Rudolf II, make we never have another like you.


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