A Product of Your Environment

People love to use a myriad of copouts for being a worthless piece of crap or making bad life decisions. One of these patent pending level bs excuses is “being a product of your environment”.

I don’t know if it is my low acceptance level for bs or I am just not that sensitive. I hear sob stories and they don’t have a lot of effect on me. I have been desensitized over time. Too many sob stories and too little benefit in dealing with these people.

(I make a polite reminder that it isnt just the broke d*ck types, it is fake straights, drunks, morons that cant do simple math, Appalachian-Americans, cousin lovers, and a mix of assorted jack wagons).

I have a friend give me updates about some of them. I know of two wilted flower types that I knew from our travels. One, “Toots” was a college student that was always in a funk and had some story of woe involving her boyfriend. The other, “Blondie”, was a full time waitress running full tilt at the wall of life. I found them to be a comedy minefield. My friend was smitten, always thinking that he could rope one of them into a threesome.

I wasnt surprised to hear that Blondie started playing a punk to some low end jackass. She had that perpetually bored look and her skipping through waitressing jobs was evidence of this. She hit the end of the line big time. She is now a stripper at a low end Birmingham night club. (My buddy noted that she looked like a coke wh*re).

Toots seemed to be doing better. She was still working at the place that we met her. She was doing okay at the local college. My dude at work mentioned that she slipped and fell on a d*ck, then got pregnant. I always see this kind of stuff happen around those parts.

The area always seems to have a large amount of rednecks that never left the 80’s. I find them to be comical, especially when they try to navigate a modern grocery store. The women seem to be happy being nihilists. Or at least happy using their “illogical brain” choosing Camaro Tony.

People blame the closure of a nearby military base and a ton of small business failures for this bad environment. I don’t think that this is true. I just think that people in this area need to run around and kill themselves over meth. The women sense a need for anarchy over normalcy.

It isn’t the environment they are a product of. While Im using cop-outs; it must be something in the water.


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