An Answer For Every Statement or Complaint

During my time in the US Navy; I learned the fine art of throwing around the “F-bomb”. I, much like my fellow solider Lip, used to hand out f*cks like they were going out of style. Yes; cursing like a sailor. I, Matt FreeMatt, want to resurrect a habit from the past. I present to you readers: A healthy dose of the F-bombs.

Headline from the Palmieri Report:

NBC: Trump appointee didn’t respect “pronouns” of Child Porn watcher

My response to NBC: F*ck off.

Jim Goad at Taki Mag reminds me that I “Not Weep for the Lonely Male Feminist”

My response to male feminists: F*ckin’ morons.

Neil Peart died

My response: Our f*ckin’ loss. The Spirit of Radio.

Japan Can’t Screw To Save Their Lives

My response: Some people are too stupid to f*ck. It is supposed to come naturally.


I could keep going. But Im tired. I know tons of intelligent people that use the F-word. It isn’t a crutch for the stupid.

Feel free to normalize this word. F*ck.


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2 Responses to An Answer For Every Statement or Complaint

  1. After 22+ years in the Army, it’s all I can do to not use the word in polite company.

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