The Weekly FreeMatt in Review

We take a leap back and look over a dreary week of strange news.

We leap through a pile of losers, we mourn for those that Kobe left behind and realize that the living ended up with more responsibilities. I stopped griping about folks that waste my time and start clearing out my contacts. I looked back on a squandered opportunity and wanted to help others not repeat the same mistakes. I spoke of the tragedy of people breaking off, then misallocating energy and effort.


Enjoy the articles. Please have a good weekend and double the defenses when the battlefield is quiet.


People that perpetually lose don’t bring anything to our lives. Those that refuse to learn to win (or at least understand the mindset of positive thinking) should not be supported. The winners in our lives learn from them too. Negative examples help us steer clear. Remember: the winners write history.


I watched enough commentary about Kobe Bryant’s life and unfortunate death. I am not crying for his passing. In this article; I tell you who I mourn for and why.


I was temporarily upset when I couldn’t get anyone together to watch the fights. I comically received a myriad of excuses and at least one “ghost”. It gave me an inspiration to get rid of a few numbers. I tell you why in the following article.


There is always something we could be doing different. It can change things for the better if you notice and admit the things you left undone. I decided to not be ugly and tell you how I could have helped human resources…in a somewhat backward edition of Inhumane Resources.


I see great men break down bonds. I see men capable of helping others and I see men that are well read. The solutions to many mistakes can be found if we use our efforts to fight our common enemy instead of each other. I peer into a few examples in this debated article.


As always; please do your best and love one another (when possible). Take care of yourselves and stack proverbial sandbags inbetween your lives storms.


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1 Response to The Weekly FreeMatt in Review

  1. Jack says:

    Matt, your posts show that you do a fair amount of introspection. That is an important and admirable quality, one that many would do well to emulate.


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