Didn’t Watch the Super Bowl, World Didn’t End

I had started out at a family member’s house on a mild February 2, 2020. I enjoyed some ribs, bean soup, and some other decent edibles. We had made it over there before the national anthem. My text notifications went off. I had every reason to think it would have been a family member or a former coworker crowing about how Demi Lovato looked (or some other ridiculous reason to troll me). It wasn’t.

It was a “brother” from Illinois passing through. He had mentioned that he would be in the area. I was pretty stoked and a little nervous. (This cat was taller in real life, sporting muscle and tattoos. I told him he was a man in person). I have always believed that you should be an ambassador for your area, especially if you have a close associate or distant family member passing through. Sundays aren’t the busiest day in our area. I looked forward to running into our “brother”.

The drive over there was amazing quiet. Just a handful of folks getting off of shift work at the local plants and a decent amount of OTR drivers trying to get off the road for the night. I took my sweet ass time getting over there. I had numerous people speeding by me exceeding over 20 mph. My guess is that they wanted to watch Shakira shake her derriere and J-Lo twirl around a pole, notably somewhat free instead of buying tickets to Hustlers. We exchanged challenge coins for program pins.

We had to dig around to look for a place to catch a beer. We had a few places around but they would be loud and most likely full of folks I don’t see eye to eye with. We settled on a restaurant that was owned by a family that my family went to church with. I had never been there. It was clean with well dressed employees. Outside of a recording of music on a loop; it was quiet minus the sounds of people having conversations. We did the same. Lighthearted conversations and catching up. No televisions. We both had a nice time and we both had the time against us. I drove back home and he needed to grab sleep before hitting the road.

If I had spent my time drooling over J-Lo’s derriere and not speaking with an “old new” friend; I wouldn’t have found out good news. I may have a chance to catch up with him in a few days, along with a group of “brothers’ that I haven’t seen. I look forward to the outcome of this more than the Super Bowl. I do wish the Chiefs a “Congratulations” but I like celebrating the wins of my people.

I didn’t miss the Super Bowl but I have missed many important things in my life. I have had people disappear that meant something to me. I desire to keep people in my life, especially people that are getting somewhere in life. I need to miss the Super Bowl more often just as you should.

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