What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week

What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week


Reading: This article gives a generous mention of Rank Choice Voting. I have pushed this idea in my state many times. It takes a little brain power but it shows the candidates where they stand in our eyes.


Additional Reading: I had forgot the “swing for the fences” ideas I had found in an article from The Liberty Herald that has some revolutionary ideas for economic growth.


Listening: I think we have failed to learn from the past. Rome was a powerful empire that melted down. This podcast speaks of this.


Noticing: As always lacking supporting data but quoting my local uninformed populace; I know few UFC fans that actually get a chance to watch the fights. I don’t know if it is the PPV costs or the fact that everyone is forced into getting ESPN+. Most people I know don’t think that they get a good deal at the few restaurants that actually show the fights charge entry fees but don’t pick up their food game. Im not sure how UFC’s parent company makes money but it isn’t by alienating its longest lasting fans.

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