Write Your Enemy a Letter, If Not GTFO.

Unfortunately; our “friends” at the Atlantic published an article by James Parker about Hunter S Thompson’s letters to his enemies titled ever so appropriately Hunter S. Thompson’s Letters to His Enemies.

I wanted to give credit to HST for one great thing. He put his name and effort into his hate/vitriol. He gave his enemies the right amount of effort. He was known to give lip service and often to his detriment. He was known to get his ass beat for his opinions. (Which happened to him on occasion). But he was seldom known to stay anonymous. He might have “hated” someone or something, but he let the person know. He was at least willing to spend a little time and effort, (and postage), to let people know that they were hated.

In this concept; I present to you an idea that needs to be resurrected: When it comes to your hate/loathing; put your money where your mouth is.

Spend a few minutes actually writing an old school snail mail letter. Check it for spelling. Look up an appropriate address for the person. Label an envelope correctly. Since you are a most likely a dumbphone user; find the nearest place to get postage. Go buy the postage or print it yourself. Take the damn thing to a mailbox of some sorts. Then send it.

Before you start your piddly ass complaining of “I dont have time”; you have plenty of time to be passive aggressive and fire off your troll level tweets at an electronic avatar of a supposed enemy. You can send most of us a barely legible comment in a comment section or even a crying ass email, which most likely is stuck in someone’s spam folder.

Here is a pro-level suggestion:

Put your money/time where your mouth is. If your “enemy” or triggering entity isnt worth sending a nasty letter to; they arent worth dealing with. Either that or you arent that committed to what you believe in. Find something worth believing in. Get your hands out of your pants and “ball up”.

If you disagree with my message, I will rent a PO Box just so you can send me a nasty letter. But I doubt you would; not because Im that great of an enemy but the fact that you are a lazy piece of shit that feels like getting offended for no reason.

Dont send me a tweet or a gab. Write a coherent email at least. Give me a little bit to rent a mail box. Ill give you an ounce of respect if you did that. I would probably take your “Karen” or “soy boy” ass out for a free meal. But I doubt you have that fortitude, for my enemies and foes earn my respect.

After this rant; keep’em sleezy, good people!

Send all hate email to freemattpodcast@gmail.com

If you need me to rent a PO Box for free condom donations and hateful letters, let me know.






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