FreeMatt In Review: 2-17 to 2-21

Finished a half marathon. Finally saw the sun come out after days of rain. Im down ten pounds and booze free. Time to get on with our lives. Please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


Odd People Arent Always Worthy of Death

I defend people I don’t like in this piece. I negate the common Appalachian-American belief that we should shoot “weird little f*ckers”.


Beware: Assholes Often Run Out of Options

I give you a personal example and a historical example of how people with a track record of being assholes run out of options. It is a warning to be aware of your behavior. You easily can be left behind when people figure out that they have the freedom to disassociate.


Aaron Burr: This Date in History

Notable event; Aaron Burr was arrested for suspicion of various crimes. He was found not guilty for a bunch of them. I talk briefly about how the courts often bungle a case and people slip through. It hasn’t changed in over a hundred years.


Write Your Enemy a Letter, If Not GTFO.

I spun a yarn about Hunter S. Thompson and his habits of writing to people he might have seen as enemies. I used the example to tell folks to not hide behind the ease of electronic means but to write someone that they loathe a letter.


Keep Your Enemies Closer: A Historical Example

I mention that I was writing this on the anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. I used hindsight to mention that he failed to keep his enemies closer. I mentioned a few things that he could have done differently. (Please note that my commentary can’t take away from his work and his great influence on his community).


Im gearing up for some excitement. Please take care of yourselves and love to the best of your ability. Send my blessings to all that need it.

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