What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week

Reading: Our friend at The Red Quest put together a brief piece on Rollo Tomassi. For many men, Rollo’s work has been great. There are also many men that speak to counter Rollo. This piece speaks briefly of both. Please enjoy the “read”



Additional Reading: I am always impressed with the volume of reporting from Jacob Palmieri. Although this was a brief piece; I want folks to take notice of what George Soros is up to. I don’t like conspiracy theories but it is plausible that he is capable of playing the market by manipulating political battlegrounds.



Listening: A brother by the name of Charliedelto put out a short, yet interesting video about Natalie Portman and her cape of invulnerability. It was a good watch and I listened to it at work. Safe For Work!



Noticing: Some people are too stupid for their own good. Driving past a barricade? Check. Wading through flood waters where you can’t see the bottom? Check. Won’t slow down around ice? Check. It doesn’t look good but I guess that’s why some folks are prolific.



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