Trump’s India Coverage is Mainstream Media Idiocy

I am loathed to cover any of our President’s travels. Morons get triggered by it although every President travels in support of being the executive of the United States of America. This week was no different; President Trump went to India. He did next to nothing and people went ape as usual.

For what it was worth; I saw the normal pageantry that has been shown for various presidents by other countries that like them. You can tell that some countries’ leaders like some other leaders more than others. Time is a big determinate. The next president can sure as hell not be liked this much as the current one. The world is a fickle place. Foreign countries aren’t warehouses full of blank automatons. They have desires and needs teamed up with ideologies.

I won’t be like every other shitheel and let the conservative media off the hook. I had seen a lot of smoke being blown up everyone’s ass over President DJT’s visit to India. It was everything from how majestic the president and first lady looked, how great we are because we are selling helicopters to India, and a general ass kissing from our friends at Breitbart. I don’t think that this is that eventful. Improving relations with a potential military ally is one thing but a form of worship is another.

Of course, you are correct if I wasn’t going to lampoon the ch*ckensh*t liberal media. Instead of writing something that was informative, it was written up as a hyperbolic, butthurt exercise. (If you don’t believe me; read up from pieces at The Independent whining about the Trump entourage failing to eat from a vegetarian menu and The Daily Beast crying about poses. I completely left out the bitchfest about famous people taking pictures in front of the Taj Mahal). I am one of the people that would love to read something informative instead of amazingly stupid. I have to dig through bullshit to find actual news.

If the media wanted to actually do something constructive; they would make the reporting barebones. Tell people where they are going next and what they are going to discuss. Give us a heads up about the Kung-Flu, ass rot, missile attacks, or something that effects our lives. Don’t make us do your jobs.

(H/T to Jacob Palmieri. Lord knows he’s trying).


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