Christopher Cantwell Conundrum

A large portion of news watching people have heard of the “Crying Nazi”. A handful of people know a cop hating abrasive libertarian who was known to live near Keene, New Hampshire. But very few people know a man who can’t be defended, a man like Christopher Cantwell.

To be honest with you; I was never fond of hearing him on Free Talk Live. He often was quite adept at pissing off FTL’s listeners. It grated on my ears. It seemed that he hadn’t a care in the world. I was never surprised when he had run-ins with people out in town. (I was more surprised to see his turn into more race issue discussions. I never knew it was in his wheelhouse).

I am a critic of modern news media. I don’t think that most people featured (left, right, etc.) in the news are shown in a proper light. It is often a matter of the spectacle. I think that the way that Mr. Cantwell was highlighted did nothing to defend him. To the contrary, it made it harder for him to find a jury of his peers. (I have to say for honesty’s sake that Mr. Cantwell responded to many of my messages looking for information and clarification in a very polite way. His punctuality in responding was commendable. It was precise and helpful. This could not be said about other personalities I tried to contact from the “FTL world”.) I wanted to use the opportunity to press the civil libertarian types and decent thinking conservative types to defend the undefendable. It is the time for us to get uncomfortable with an uncomfortable figure.

I find that his arrest seemed heavy handed. Hyperbolic and stupid speech doesn’t always equate to criminal activity. Having thin skin doesn’t equate to being a victim of a crime, either. The federal governments ignorance of digital matters doesn’t equal crime. I know that the federal government, along with many states, don’t like dealing with Christopher but I don’t “think it to be” worth spending taxpayers money on much of the ongoing campaign. Trying to find reasons to flex your muscle will cause you to tire quickly and be ineffective when an actual adversary rears its ugly head.

Walter Block has taught me a few things in my life: You should defend the undefendable, even if they are assholes like Christopher Cantwell.

(H/T to Free Talk Live for their coverage of his arrest.  )


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