FreeMatt In Review: 2-24 to 2-28

Still booze free. The week has been a peaceful one outside of awkward weather. Keep your wits about you. Please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


Inconvenient Words of Advice pt. 13.1

I feel like advice columns and people alike like to give watered down advice. I feel like I should have a “Dear Matt” column. The advice would be ugly but truthful, not sparing feelings so we can get on with what we need to be doing.

Trump’s India Coverage is Mainstream Media Idiocy

Quite simply, I bemoan the terrible coverage of Trump’s India visit. The news tells me it was either the worst thing in the world or it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

The Captain’s Address to His Men

I found an inspirational snippet from a man that leads by a great example. He drives us to do better and be inspired. Read it yourself, my words are in his words’ shadow.

Caracazo: Learning From History

It started with a riot. Missteps let it grow to something else. Within the realms of statecraft; it was a huge move. It still impacts the country of Venezuela today. Read a few facts and the lessons learned.

Christopher Cantwell Conundrum

Mr. Cantwell is not loved by many. He is a character that many loathe. But I find it detestable that the government wants to throw him in jail for little to nothing. We can defend loveable characters; why not defend the undefendable?

Keeping your word may cost you but it is the right price. Take care of yourselves.


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