Beauty and Brilliance

Perforated by flooding and the annoying song of ever pissing tree frogs; I caught a short snippet of a passage in Sanction v. 1 that stuck in my head:

“For even blackness has its brilliance”

It sounded bogus at first but what wasn’t apparent came true when I had my memory when my memory stirred. A few years a go, during the tumultuos times in Florida, saw a black powder coated motorcycle that broke the mold. It was a shiny point of focus during an unordinary pissy day. My friend and I had a great discussion about why powerd coat anything beat chrome parts. This short memory coupled with seeing a “high roller” throw a VIP black credit card out to pay his bill with. The card being a delicate dance between a deep dark and a flashy gloss. A young man could always know that he had that as something to shoot for. And of course one of the most memorable; a well known black market businessman that I know of as a kid drove a black Suburban with some of the nicest rims you could buy.¬† The vehicle was never dirty and was a sight to see parked illegally in the fire lane of our local grocery store. (It was the nicest ride not in the parking lot). I could spin more and more of the brilliance I see in “blackness”.

I might have reached a little to come to my equivalency but I do have a value in what others see as “dark” or “broken”. I have always admired rust taking over an old metal building. The product of oxidation is not the destructive force that you think it is. It is a thing of beauty. In many things decaying; new life can be found.

It is a same vision found in aging warehouses near distilleries in various parts of bourbon country in Kentucy. Many of the old buildings are a gray or near black color without being painted. I had read in a whiskey publication that Baudoinia compniacensis¬†caused this. It is informally known as “angels share” fungus. It is life in a harsh environment. It is literally a dark color organism that is alive. It is a thing of beauty, even as it covers uninvited.

A small thing of beauty that shows brilliance in its blackness.

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