FreeMatt’s Look at The Coronavirus

I had to borrow an idea for an article from William Bowles at The New Dark Age. (I find his and his people’s writing to be interesting although I may never agree 100%).

It is something I am loathe to even mention; Coronavirus. Not Covid-19, which will be a Grammy winning heavy metal band in two years. It is a terrible news story and global “panic-demic”. And as Mr Bowles had mentioned “the only thing spreading is fear”.

Karen and the hordes of  paranoid soccer moms are driving me mad with this crap. The Appalachian-Americans in every state are starting to panic buy hand sanitizer and masks. (Construction workers are gonna get pissed. Safety managers are scratching their heads). Soon enough it will be like a Upper Mogadishu winter and the idiots essentials (like beer, bread, and other expiring foods) will disappear from the shelfs.

But something in short supply is brain power. Like telling your nasty kids to wash their hands. And you sure as hell don’t need to put your hands in your nose and other body crevices. If you get sick with sick-itis or Redneck Flu; stay your dumbass home. It is probably a cold. Dont give it to your co-workers like you would give gonorrhea to a bar fly. You probably aren’t being constructive anyway.

Now for the ugliest part of my spiel:

You are already killing yourself with worse stuff than the Coronavirus. Heart disease, (hint hint anchor asses), kills more people every year. Diabetes, yes it starts pretty young, helps kill you too in mass numbers. (It will take more than A1C blockers and cool sounding drugs to stop the wholesale killing of Americans by the diabetes menace). People cant drive worth sh*t and Im pretty sure that we are dang good at losing people by road accidents at numbers that make coronavirus look like bush league amateur hour.

Shut up about this corona virus crap. It is about to be spring in the northern hemisphere. Go back to bitching about which Kardashian let their ass hang out of their pants. Wash your hands and your genitals. Not that genital washing stops coronavirus but it makes me feel better knowing that you wont pollute the air I breathe with your odiferous funk.

Get on with your lives and get your pasty derrieres on cruise liners again.

(FreeMatt 10, You 0)

Somalia’s Greatest Libertarian Mind, out!






Coronavirus: The only thing spreading “exponentially” is fear – Fewer people are sick each day, and yet there’s no sign of panic abating

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