FreeMatt in Review: 2-30 to 3-6

Spending time at my home away from home. Flooding is pissing everyone off. Spring isn’t around the corner, storms are. Please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


To Not Intervene: Where Men Should Not Go

We came upon another anniversary of someone falling from power that we had been involved with. I presented the idea that many other countries should be left alone for them to figure out their own problems. They might just do better without us.

Your Mind is Currency to Those That Create the Narrative

I had gotten pissed off at the quality of reporting at both conservative and liberal news outlets. I am hoping to watch them whither when people find out that they are feeding the idiocy with their attention and minds.

Mindless Entertainment Over Meaningful Labor

I mourn the loss of the idea that people can work in the area that they live. In my home away from home, I saw an ugly sight in commercial developments. I wish we could bring back joy in our labor.

Beauty and Brilliance

Blackness and darkness can be a thing of beauty. I was stirred by the words of Roman McClay in his book Sanction v. 1. I remembered a few examples in the past that made life that much better, even looking at the most basic building block of life.


FreeMatt’s Look at The Coronavirus

It is just paranoia. Appalachian-Americans everywhere are pulling a snow day. Karen and the soccer moms are making things worse while we die of real menaces like heart disease and diabetes. Wash your hands and your asses. Make Anthrax Great Again.


Do not despair. The bigger challenges in human history await us. Go back to doing what humans had done best in the past. Take care of yourselves.

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