Half Way to Somewhere: Sanction pt 1

Struggling to write up a posting today; I rolled back into reading Roman McClay’s Sanction (pt 1). Over time, this book grew on me.

I wanted to share a quote from the book:

“He was angry; no longer in the mood to joke around. He knew he had given up; he had finally capitulated to the world’s incessant demand that everyone not give a shit. He knew he had succumbed to the slandering of love.”

I must warn you. Im not commenting on the book and where the character in question is going. But I wanted to leave you with the warning that many of Mr. McClay’s readers have a piece of the inmate in them.

The book is more than a task, it is a journey. I encourage you to find a part of you in this book.

Read, enjoy, gift the book to a man in your life.


Available at https://www.sanctionthebook.com/

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