Men Should Have Their Lives’ End Mean Something

“He was not known as a cautious man before this phase change into pure malice. He already had a reputation for chaos. He laughed at that. They had no idea how much he had restrained himself to date”.

Sanction pt 1 (courtesy of the visionary; Roman McClay

Brothers; I ask you the following question:

Upon the upcoming termination of your life; are you capable of living out the rest of it?

I feel that the ends of our lives are grossly wasted. I know of too many people that spend their last days on this planet doing what they swore they would never do, (depending on the person, who could be defecating with no control of their bowels or crying in agony, praying for the end).

I am not one to poke fun at those that desire a semblance of peace at the end of their lives, Nor am I one to badmouth those that focus on the religious aspects at the end of our lives either. I do find it a necessary component of life to reflect on. The compiling of years triumphs and tribulations. But I want my fellow man to think differently; What if I go out with a bang?

People know that I had a small amount of admiration for Marvin Heemeyer and his “Killdozer”. It wasnt the interruption of others people’s lives, it was the fact that he made the end of his life with a purpose. (It didnt matter if it was by his own hand). I feel the same way about someone like David Bowie; who had terminal cancer, who chose to make music right up to the end of his life. I secretly hope that we could embrace the samurai in their ending days and fight our final battle for the right reason. But instead of the encroaching modern empire, we easily could fight against abhorrent social practices and “modern barbaric” behaviors that do nothing to serve humanity, do justice, and love kindness. You can right wrongs and set a great example. You dont have to go down like many I have known.

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