What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week

Reading: I hadn’t been writing down my “reads” like I should be. I found this one in the depths of my email. Jack from Sigma Frame added a somewhat controversial piece of commentary about sexual relationships between married people. Read, think, discuss.




Additional Reading: I almost forgot about a great post from Quintus Curtius.

A calm head and not giving into panic comes in handy. Solve problems by not freaking out. A great story helps us learn.


Listening: Adam Piggott spins the yarn about his trip to an island and his opinion on leopard skin print “anything”. Throw in a few interesting facts and you have a cool podcast.



Noticing: I have seen a strange peace wash over my co-workers now that we are the only people not anywhere near our actual work center. I have enjoyed my time at the gym, which is the only place (I want to go to) not closed off for occupancy.


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