Equal Rights Amendment 2020: My Take

The liberal programming idiot box, formerly known as a television, advertised a show based Phyllis Schlafly’s opposition to the original Equal Rights Amendment throughout the 1970’s. At best, it looked like a less than subtle jab at a deceased opponent of most of the weak, pithy limousine liberals that try to shape policy and undo what has worked for decades. Without running off the rails, I must get back to my original point: I, like Mrs Schlafly, reject the Equal Rights Amendement. But I have my own substitute: the Equal Rights Amendment 2020

(1) Military wounded/killed ration (male/female)

The vast majority of people killed in millitary engagements are men. Our VA hospitals are filled with men injured from battle and military service. (Please note: Our military has seen an increase of injured female servicemembers. I do not celebrate this). My amendment to the ERA is about adding college age women and single mothers to the list of eligible draftees. I think feminists need a dose of responsibility with their rights. They have had it good. They were allowed a lot of leeway and “outs”.

(2) No “VAWA”-inspired allowances:

I call this the “talk sh*t and get hit” provision. Violence is violence, no matter who is doing it. The punishment should have no gender. But I think that our modern legal system coupled with the pit falls of our post traditional gender role expectations warrants an adjustment when people scream for equality. I think mouthy weasels and broads alike should observe the fact that they should be held accountable for their actions and words. (If you get in someone’s face and talk “shit”, you should expect to get dealt with. This has worked in many communities in the past). I wanted to make a note of one of the inspirations to my amendment, notably the singer Rhianna and her loss in an amateur boxing match to her boyfriend; Chris Brown. She failed to prove to me thats he didnt get in his face and talk sh*t. Bill Burr gave great commentary on this. You can hit women but it isnt a good thing to do all the time. Just like running your mouth.

(3) Gender studies/Liberal arts warning waiver:

Easily put, the employment rates for graduates in these majors are dismal. Often these graduates find themselves saddled with debt or even finding themselves unable to pay for their student loans even if they have full time employment. My solution was to have them sign a waiver that they understand what they are getting into and that the government (TAXPAYERS!) wont be responsible for their loans. I will also supply them with statistics showing employment rates and income expectations. Then, I would also show them the top five career positions in regards to growth according to the BLS.  Ignoring the feeble mentions from the mainstream media is one thing, hard data is another. Facts>feels.

Guys; I easily have a few others that I am going to pocket for later. Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments section.

To be equal, it is simple, be equal in your efforts and results.


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2 Responses to Equal Rights Amendment 2020: My Take

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    The right has always tried to patch up bad ideas, and in effect, they save the bad ideas.

    I’m of the mind that you take the oppositions bad idea, and shove it down their throat.

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