Dedicated Work to Those Less Deserving

I was thumbing through a copy of John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty. One of the most interesting parts of this book was the dedication in the front of the book. We often skip over this part of the book due to it not being of the “meat” of the book. We should stop doing so. Mill gave kind, yet sincere words towards his beloved Harriett. Contrary to this, I want to see people dedicated works towards those that are detested and loathed.

This is not a new idea but one of “graduations”. Although I dont remember the researcher, a new species was found and it was subsequently named after a colleague that could be described as an “adversary”. I dont imagine that this was the first time it ever happened. I had remembered acertain athlete who invited a former team mate to an event that just to rub it in his face that he was the elite athlete now and that the team mate is the one that achieved mediocrity. (I could even argue that mentions your critics by name in a song that goes platinum is an ultimate backhanded dedication).

People should be mistaken in the idea that I am some type of miserable loner. I have a few people in my life that I hold great esteem for and have even shared a love for. Just like Beethoven; I have had my own “Elise” that I wanted to tag my works on to. I had at least one love that I could conjure up from a fragmented memeory that would be worthy of inhabiting a front page of my greatest work. I think that some of the biggest assholes push me to do better. The kind of assholes that would always give their two cents even though they are the kind of losers that wont even try.

I would rather dedicate tomes to the naysayers that push me to out do them in both money and accomplishments. Like the inconsequential snitches and shit stirrers.

I had been known to do something just to throw it in someone’s face. I was willing to fight those chickenshits over my position. I am more than willing to embarass them with every copy of a book I sell or every time my painting is mentioned. I am the success and the narrative. I wouldnt do this to the well meaning people in my life, just the assholes. The world can figure it out. Im not bitter. I just think that the lazy and crappy people can get a dose of your “good” too.


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