The Gods Description of Our Media

On a beautiful sunny day within the 70 degree mark; I was blessed to have a semblance of peace. I didnt pre-write a posting and I enjoyed volume 2 of Roman McClay’s Sanction. I started on the new book with a little apprehension. Part work related and part intellectual. But one thing I did not regret is that my faith in my fellow man has not skewed. I think that our biggest challenges will give everyday men a chance to shine. The media wont be there. They will be too busy discrediting anyone that isnt along their mindset or failed political slant.

The wolves and the crows spoke for the gods:

The gods said:

But we’ve lived out here a long time, and we’ve watched you from satellites at the rubble of Mount Olympus and the talus at the bottom of Ben Nevis, and from a small island at the middle of Amsvartnir and the thicknecks of Aotearoa. So, listen up. We bring messages from the monks.

What we have now is media. Media used to have organs, like a body, a healthy body, and some parts of that body were meant to make money and others to take out the trash, but some parts were sacred and not to be sold; or even advertised for sale. Men used to convey; 66 times to manipulate, but 33 times to explain.

The News Division never had to make money for a media conglomerate in the old days; but that all changed the first time one of them accidentally made a profit for them. It’s like the first bird to take flight; the first side in a fight to use chemical weapons; you’d have to be stupid or dead to not use them yourself next.

The media always lied.

Pain demands a response.


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