FreeMatt in Review: 3-23 to 3-28

This time in our lives is but a blip. The greatest challenges are over the horizon. It is time to get ourselves. In the meantime; please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


Equal Rights Amendment 2020: My Take

The television helps mock a deceased person that didn’t toe their backward social narrative. I use the opportunity to boomerang into modifying the Equal Rights Amendment. It is brutal but hey; you can handle it because your equal!

The Asshole with A Fire Extinguisher

I harken back to my plant days. I had an experience with an administrative person that served as a great professional lesson. Don’t be “one of those people”, your attitude means a lot. 


Dedicated Work to Those Less Deserving

Sometimes it’s a good idea to dedicate your work to the people that piss you off and challenge you instead of the people you love and cherish. As per the naysayers and losers; throw it in their face.

The Gods Description of Our Media

Volume II of Sanction gave me inspiration. From a visionary’s finger tips we should see the media for what it is. Please read this posting to learn more.

Your Life Doesn’t End With Covid-19

There is a silver lining to this terrible event. Our lives will go on. Your life is only beginning. Read more and find out the good things about Covid-19.


Don’t be an asshole. Call friends and family. Use Zoom, FaceTime, and any other technologies to keep you connected. This isn’t the time to be an asshole. We can still be human beings. Hopefully, we can go back to do what we have been doing well at before this stuff came along. (and before we let technology take over instead of augmenting the tried and true methods).



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