What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week

Reading: Im starting to think we are the suckers. Immigrants in France, young people in Florida, and a handful of other people. (Never mind we can keep an abortion clinic open but gyms and churches need to close)




Additional Reading: Although it is a short read, it packs many mentions of idiocy. I am starting to think that we can trigger the triggerable back into some semblance of the real world. It would be our gift to humanity so we don’t repeat history.




Listening: Even if you are a “Koch-hater”, Reason comes up with good stuff. It might be a few months old but this edition has punch. Our government’s over reaction to vaping will be to our detriment. Personal responsibility should have more pull.




Noticing: Our country, as per creatures of our species, have a completely bonkers way to look at things. We have to close places of worship because of close quarters and large gatherings. We are also supposed to hold off elective procedures and non-essential medical procedures. The irony is that human meat shops (or as you call them abortion clinics) largely have an out. We are more than deserving of wrath now. This is just a warmup. Without the religious element; biology is thinning out our species. Idiocy is helping it out too.




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