Spam Comment Goldmine

On occasion; I am forced into poking through my spam comments. Once a year I find someone that has legitimately tried to comment on a posting. WordPress is far from perfect. I dont always receive a notification. Today was the day that I decided to share with you the irony and the comedy of the truly offkey spam comments.


Someone blatantly wanted to try and advertise ceramic hairdryers (or at least their blog) here. The irony is that both myself and the deceased GG Allin were known to be bald the vast majority of the time.


This “JamesEncop” is clearly a computer program belonging to a low end thrid party advertising scam. What “he” failed to do was note that he called the Southern Poverty Law Center “long term alcohol rehab near me. I call the SPLC leftists and a few other things but a rehab center?


Another rehab advertisement attempt from computerized idiot “JamesEcop”. Using his logic, Madonna teaches women a lesson which is that they should check themselves into a local cocaine rehab “near me”. Safe to say that I dont imagine that was my initial point in writing that posting.


To give all the cats the best life possible, be a better man, try helping another man.


We had an emotional set of days surrounding Kobe and his daughters passing. I had several serious postings. But “” thought it was serious enough to think I would post this comment about “older women dating younger men”. The computerized advertising algorithm was clearly off. Comically off. Death does not equal cougar dating.


This is an additional post to what I usually make. Please be better and love one another.

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