Don’t Create an Enemy When A Person is Useful to You

I see the transgression to this idea quite often in our country’s leadership. (I have spun the idea that it is in bad taste to go out and look for an enemy, or even create an enemy, when you have few people backing you up). But within the lessons of history, you shouldn’t repeat other people’s errors. Learn from the past; don’t create your own enemies.

I scratch my head quite often when it comes to our President, aka President D.J. Trump. I understand the marketing element of “us vs. them” and one of my least favorite things I have heard rolling out of the mouths of the flapping heads on Fox News: “firing up the base”. (Off topic: When people used to fire up the base, they were smoking freebase cocaine). But creating enemies is not a good practice.

I am also under the impression that when you are from the outside of the normal political mechanization you usually don’t have a lot of friends or help. I noticed this in the few conservative media outlets that had presenters touting the sweetheart candidates and the most “Party acceptable” candidates. He had a few folks cheering for him and they were the outsider types. DJT took a few endorsements from faltering political types. He even had a few of them join up with him after he won. With little support on the inside; he made it through to the end and he steamrolled the big game.

I am one of the few people that have accepted good help from people I couldn’t stand. I benefited from information and resources from morally bankrupt folks I knew in the military. I learned skills from folks that lived way outside of what I believe to be productive. I disagreed with many of them but I welcomed the help and information. I learned about operating in unknown territory, especially where I had no knowledge of the turf.

This is where our President went astray. Being from the outside, he had few people behind him. He actually had a few people from his own party that bad mouth him in the press, sounding like sore ass losers that hate the fact that he pulled off a giant coup of sorts, (hat tip to Oven Mitt Romney for showing his true colors). But he has had a few policy people try to help him or at least the kind of people that don’t mind making their rounds. People that know where their bread is buttered. The President finds a way to tick them off and chase them away, (usually lambasting them through the foghorn of social media). But I must discourage him from this kind of action.

I feel that he has made a great error as of lately when he “fog horned” Rep Thomas Massie (KY). It was an obtuse response to a legitimate issue. Decorum, Robert’s Rules, and the ways that things are run are important. This is something that a politician would know but a non-politician would miss. (This is why I have always said that one of the most important jobs in Washington DC is the Parliamentarian). During an emotional time, it takes a level headed person to make sure things are done by the “up and up”.

I would appreciate the heads up. I would rather put my best foot forward instead of throwing together a bill that would falter. (yes, I find that stimulus bills are beneficial now and hurtful down the road. We should have learned our lessons when GW Bush gave us our own money and hit us up for the taxes later).  It might take someone outside of my tight circle to help me save face. I encourage DJT to take the tip and not create an enemy.


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