FreeMatt in Review: 3-29 to 4-4

Its been a bizarre week. Its been a slow, creeping death style introduction to Covid-19. Empty parking lots and rumors of furloughs. In the meantime; please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.

Spam Comment Goldmine

This was an additional piece I had put together celebrating the idiocy of spam comments. It is as dumb as you think it should be. I love automated searching algorithms and misplaced comments.

Not Knowing Your Constituency and Who You Rule Over

Knowing how to rule is one thing. Knowing how to not piss off the people underneath you can keep you on top. Small things make the difference and its up to you to learn 

 Don’t Create an Enemy When A Person is Useful to You

President Trump made an error when he lambasted Rep. Thomas Massie. He could use the help from a smart man. When you don’t have a background in a certain subject it is a good idea to not make that person an enemy.

The Matters w/ Matt: Re-Answering Self Help Questions

I have a level of disdain for advice columns. It doesn’t matter who is doing it. The advice is misguided and often weak. I answer someone else’s questions in a weekly feature: The Matters w/Matt.

Law Enforcement Road Pirates Don’t Take A Break

A local news website shows that our state’s law enforcement has no shame during a time of great challenge. They still want to get “their’s”, no matter what economic turmoil is happening.

Inhumane Resources: “No”t Even Close

HR needed to hear “no”. They still do. I share a few stories on how I said “no” and you should use it more often also. (Partially inspired by friends at The Momentum Project).


Im not sure how long “tha Rona’” is going to last. Hang in there. But know your limits of how long you can put up with it. Don’t trust the government to live your life. Don’t live in fear and get on with “it”. Enjoy the week.

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