The Richest Man in Texas: My Life’s Lesson

One of the random magazines I received in the mail gave me a weird idea in a project. In one of those business magazines were a listing for the “top 500 richest people” or some such. (Yes, I don’t remember the magazine name or real title). For the most part; I found it to be fascinating and, in some areas, inspiring. I learned about how people got where they were today.

I had always read that many people in life find themselves without and often all they needed to do was “ask”. I had done this before in my life with my sex life, professional arena, and various other parts of my existence often to hilarious results. I would try to do the same again. My idea: write many of the people in that magazine and tell them my story, asking for guidance or even help in starting my business. Yes; I understand that many of these people have “yay-hoos” hitting them up for a various causes or angel investing funding for businesses. As I was told before; if you don’t ask, you may never know.

My little project sent me down a rabbit hole of a project. I had to root around the internet for many of their addresses. I did my best to learn about the addressees and pertinent information. I read stories and enjoyed the adventure. I sent out approximately five letters a week. (sometimes more sometimes less). Stamped and hand addressed to the best of my ability. Made a pre-work drive to the post office at least one day a week to drop off the envelopes. It might have seemed like a fruitless operation but I got something big out of it.

Weeks later from my first mailing barrage, I received an “addressee unknown” return stamped letter from one of the people I sent it to. (Yes, wrong address and I couldn’t find their business office address. (Often their company’s address is not the best contact point for them. I understand the element of keeping your life and business interests somewhat separate). I wasn’t mad, a little disappointed though. The returned envelope happened on occasion. It was a mere random blip on the radar of life.

I had grown accustomed to the rate of how many letters were returned. I had grown accustomed to not having any rejection letters for the rest. It was an interesting experience. But I was surprised for what I got next:

I received a small card from an PO Box in Texas. Not an original address I had sent to. The gentleman had sent me a Christmas card from his family. He sent me well wishes and hoped the best for me. I was choked up. I felt like I had found what I was really looking for.

I might not have found the million dollars or the wisdom to make it immediately, but I found the person I would like to become. I don’t want the money to make me someone else. I would like to be the man who is capable of a kind word and taking a minute for a stranger. It was more than nice stationery and postage. I could become something better than the shell I have become. I easily can be the person that answers back.

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