FreeMatt in Review: 4-19 to 4-25

We have Antifa acting like fake nurses in the streets. Marginal people fold while the determined shine. In the meantime; please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.

The Richest Man in Texas: My Life’s Lesson

I undertook a project to learn more about the successful (and ask for money), then I earned a bigger lesson: How to be the richest man in your life.

 Manfred von Richtofen: A Valiant Hero of Pizza Boxes

I took a moment to salute a valiant hero and military hero: The Red Baron. He was taken before his time but he was a skilled pilot/solider. I discuss what made him legendary. 

 The Matters w/ Matt: Re-Answering Self Help Questions

I have a level of disdain for advice columns. It doesn’t matter who is doing it. I was blessed to have someone jump on this idea along with me. I answer someone else’s questions in a weekly feature: The Matters w/Matt.

Karen’s Concern Porn: The Toxin Among You

Pick and choose your battles wisely. It isn’t time to create things to be bothered by. It is a toxic way to live. “Concern porn” is a toxin.

A Taylor Swift (ian) Bargain: Know Your Contract

Part of being an adult is honoring your agreements. Your word should be your bond. In this article I explain the difference between my military contract and Taylor Swift’s. Learn more about it in the below link.

 I don’t encourage violence but if you see a “nurse” or “doctor” blocking traffic; make your best judgement and consider the ethics of decking them. They aren’t heroes. They are people working a job just like the janitor at a adult movie theater. Enjoy the week.



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