What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week

Reading: I had not heard about Durden/Zero Hedge being banned from Twitter. Cranley/OSociety are owed props on bringing this up. I peruse Zero Hedge’s website for information on occasion. Twitter is on the warpath down the proverbial drain. I understand where the complaints came from but I don’t think it was the best course of action.


 Additional Reading: TW Beckett at A Father’s Journey lets me take a time out from many things libertarian to highlight his tribulations in the dating world, specifically the changes in women in American society.


 Listening: Brian Stelter and his meltdown do not embody what is needed in our time. Craig James and the Masculine Design Mancast talk about emasculated men and the kind of men we really need to lead our families.


Noticing: The low ends of our society (antifa types, etc.) are coming out of the woodworks in desperation. Yes, their idiocy knows no bounds. They are putting out phonies dressed in scrubs blocking traffic to protest the protestors wanting to open our country.  I’m waiting for worse to come, specifically transgender arsonists and feminist riots.


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