Covid-19 Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be A Jackass

Never known as a man to hold my tongue, I must implore you to remember that since you are “stuck at home” (or at least discouraged from riding around looking for tools to steal out of people’s garages) it isn’t time to be a jackass. Life in a nearby berg seems to bring the negative along with the positive.


According to Domestic violence and landfill activity on the rise in Decatur

The article mentions that their mayor reports a decrease in Covid-19 (Tha’ Rona) cases, accredited to social distancing and proper hygiene. (My note: Hardly believable with some of the space mutants I noticed in those parts).

The local sheriff mentioned that “there is a rise in domestic violence since the start of the pandemic now that everyone is staying home”. The sheriff continued in saying that” he hopes to see a decrease when this is all over”.

The mayor suggested of “taking a deep breath and taking a walk to get away from stress at home”.

I wanted to add my own commentary that you should take at heart. These are trying times. But we were within trying times before the supposed outbreak. Make it easier on yourself by not being a jackass. Be someone that others might want to be around. Be a better example. Don’t run your mouth. Sure as hell don’t take time to nag or get something off your chest. (Plenty of stupid people have been encouraging you to do this now that you are stuck around each other). When you corner someone, you are asking for a fight or worse. The difficult conversations can wait for a less stressful time, (unless you are a punk that likes to bail when things get hard).

Do some bodyweight exercises. Drink water. Have sex and love your loved ones. If you are separated from your loved ones, take time to meditate and pray. We will get through it. Allocate your vitriol and “pain” for when you really need it.



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2 Responses to Covid-19 Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be A Jackass

  1. Derek Ramsey says:

    “Allocate your vitriol and “pain” for when you really need it.”

    …which is almost certainly going to be badly needed in the months and years to come.


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