In Want, As Men, Our Lives Wilt

Troubled by a passage I had read in McClay’s Sanction vol II, I stopped to think that men’s lives are wilting. We are in a pattern of want. I know this because of the crisis affecting many of us. (My profession leaving much to be desired in my spirit. My neurons some how link with other sentient beings to have a demoralizing feeling on a day where the weather could be considered a gift from God).

…men without a war, never become men. And the whole species wilts before the invigilating eye of nature, who has judged us and found us wanting.

Men know nothing of hunger. Often, they are brought up by an invisible hand that feeds them. An imaginary father. The father that makes gods out of the weak and dishonest. For their tribute, they pass along a pittance. This pittance serves no one and it does nothing for the modern man. The man is not taught to feed themselves or create a condition to make themselves satiated. They continue on and eventually teach others in serial generations to do nothing for themselves.

Of course, they can teach their “progeny” to rut aimlessly instead of cementing joint ventures between resource holding “clans” or “families”. They teach each other to try to maximize their windfalls from the “imaginary father”. There is no toil, outside of pointless peacocking. The war they commit is for their limited insight. The violence is misplaced and their deaths are often for uncalled for purposes. (Completely outside of what a civilized person would call normal).

Men, being segregated from most semblance of the Lord’s provenance, know not who to thank for their bounty. And often, they see no bounty.

We have little to no purpose. We search for it. (At least the moral man does). The immoral man does not. The immoral can saddle up to the feed trough, take whatever stimulation was possible, and rinse/repeat like an automaton.

I hurt for those that don’t hunger, either spiritually or physically. I see the biological automaton as our species downfall. These creatures have no real war. No real purpose. Many of us are hoping that a blessed correction could come about.



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