Additional Writing Posted Elsewhere

Im not tooting my own horn. On occasion, I have been known to write an article somewhere else. It is a labor for me. I do not claim to be a professional. I enjoy it and dont mind putting something together for another website.

In this post; I argue for the people that helped get us “here to step down. It is often time to challenge the next set of leaders. This post was from Nate’s website: Barbarian Rhetoric.

The Case For “Killing” The Godfather

In this post; I explain the benefits of using hoaxes as marketing tools. Suckers often do the work for you. Learn more and how below. This article was from The Forge of Men; a great website for modern men.

The Greatest Hoax to Launch You

Feel free to read other articles on their websites and shop at their “stores” and “businesses”.


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