Crappy News Round Up

Folks; I am taking a day off. I didn’t have any inspirational stories, no historical lessons, and no quotes. It was note worthy that the Macedonian army (behind Alexander the Great) defeated the Persians (behind Darius III) in the Battle of the Granicus. But all I wanted for you to do today was be aware of a few stories that my news outlets seemed to bury:

NAS Corpus Christi Shooting

This was mentioned once or twice in national news but not covered by many local/independent news outlets. I saw a “down page” update about the person involved being a Syrian born man and having possible links to ISIS/AQAP. If it is anything like the Pennsacola shooting, updates will be relegated to bottom page status, arguably so someone politically connected, can save face.

HollyWeird Downstroke

Never turning down an opportunity to highlight sh*tbergs among us, I think that Covid-19 brought more evidence to us on how useless the vast majority of Hollywood elite really are. Stupid videos and moronic activity. They don’t serve any real purpose outside of being drug addled slutty idiots and money grubbing dancing monkeys. I added a few videos that might be to your liking regarding this:


Enjoy the rest of your day. Be productive and don’t give in.


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