FreeMatt in Review: 5-17 to 5-23

Secretly waiting for Round Two. We still have great opportunities to live great lives. In the meantime; please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


Ever Thus To Snitches

I tell a story about a workplace snitch. I never had to physically threaten the guy. I used the idiots among us to deal with him. I ended up getting what I wanted and the snitch lost. Find out more and learn your options when it comes to snitches.

  Andrew Kehoe or How I Learned to Never Underestimate

People are often driven to acts of domestic terrorism; it isn’t a modern occurrence. It happened many decades ago. It can easily happen again. Learn more about why a man dynamited a school, his house, and said “F*ck it all” in this post.


  The Matters w/ Matt: Friends Fade

For once an advice column actually had quasi decent advice. This time, it is something for everyone. It is about outgrowing crappy friends. (I usually re-answer someone else’s questions this weekly feature: The Matters w/Matt).


Pitfalls of Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie’s work is and was a great book, but it has its shortfalls. It was written when people wanted to trust and didn’t mind the opportunity that strangers had. I talk about being friendly to unfriendly people and confusing simple-minded people.


Additional Writing Posted Elsewhere

I occasionally write article elsewhere. Often, they might not fit here or I personally made them for someone else’s site. I never claim to be a professional but it is a labor of sorts. Please check out these other websites in the included links.


Hang on. Go find more people for your life. Gather supplies and get ready. Enjoy your life. Enjoy the week.


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