What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Parting Words This Week

Reading: Just as he launched off and gave hope to a few libertarians, Justin Amash throws in the towel. He didn’t even get to the convention. Special thanks to Robert Bentley for supplying snippets of Amash’s tweets.


Additional Reading: You have a natural right to work. This is embedded in modern history, if a man didn’t work, he didn’t eat. The productive might labor. In opposition to this the government works against us. The article discusses how we became “under the thumb” of totalitarian government.



Listening: Charliedelto made a great video about compulsatory voting. He speaks about the benefits from where it was adopted. (Coupled with ranked choice voting and open ballot access, I believe that people could own a small part of our political system)





Parting Words: We should rise to the challenge. It is time to no longer live a solely electronic life. Take a risk, grow your circle, find new people, get on with your lives and be adults


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2 Responses to What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Parting Words This Week

  1. Gunner Q says:

    I want fewer people to vote, not more. It makes my vote more valuable.


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