FreeMatt’s Memorial Day Message

I am loath to repeat what others have typed. The vast majority of my readers in the United States know why we remember this day. (I argue that we don’t celebrate it, contrary what mattress salesmen and used car hucksters say). It is to memorialize. I would even say it is to slow down and take a short time out.

This timeout gave me a few ideas. Although people know that I am less patriotic than I had been in the past; I believe that America’s best days are easily in front of us. We can make better choices and fight actual just wars, not like the convenient ones that we were told to fight by someone who wanted to start it. Many of these can be fought by peaceful means and without spilling blood, even by those that are loathed to join in any conflict.

We can start by fighting within our boundaries. We have been given (Wuhan Flu) a reason to do what many people had said in the 80’s and 90’s: start buying “American” or buying goods from actual allies. We screwed up before, we looked like asses. The buying populace can do their part. Check labels, buy durable goods, etc. They can harp on the assholes at Walmart and other major outfits to do the same. They can grow a few braincells and figure out that we would rather benefit a few hicks in North Carolina than one or two Chinese Communist Party members. We can tell the globohomo medical conglomerates to stop scraping the bottom of the barrel and send production to where people would be buying it. (3M take note before you get embarrassed again). All of these together are a start.

Start slow and small. Figure out what you can do, like learning flag etiquette:

The flag should be briskly raised to the peak and remain there for an instant before it is slowly lowered to the half-staff position, where it remains until noon. Then the flag is briskly hoisted to the peak again, where Old Glory remains until sunset, when it is slowly lowered.

It’s an important piece of symbolism. Until noon, the flag flies at half-staff as a memorial for the nation’s war dead; for the rest of the day, it flies full and high in a salute to living veterans.


I argued that Memorial Day should be a salute to war veterans and the brothers/sisters that didn’t come back. I feel that many of us veterans were fortunate to leave in one piece. The people that were injured, physically and mentally, are those that I memorialize the most. (I know a few and I hurt seeing them).  I also memorialize the Legion of the Eternally Young. Those that never grew old when they served our country.

God Bless you friend.



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2 Responses to FreeMatt’s Memorial Day Message

  1. Wise words and well said.


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