Gen X Folly: Missed Generational Opportunity

We have had a wonderful time in throwing darts at the Millennial generation (or millennials as they are commonly called). It is anything between wearing nut smashing pants to moronic emotional bullshit that drives us nuts. I wont smash music because my generation had tons of stupid music that was rewarded with shitty record deals/money. Eventually earning my derision. But today, I have a new target.

Instead of nailing the millennials; I have it out for Gen X. Gen X, at least a handful, have grown old. Some have had success through easier means. Some have had learned enough from screwing up plenty to know better. They have squandered an opportunity to do something that will affect the country (and the world) for the better. But they can turn the tide.

My Gen X brethren can challenge and include our millennial cohorts. Yes, it is a start. It sounds simplistic but it is a big part of it. We complain about them not having challenges, (just as the Boomers complain that they didn’t have a Vietnam or any real challenge). Why not ask for them to join us? We can step up and ask for our proverbial “godfathers” to let us have the reigns.

The Case For “Killing” The Godfather

In doing this, we open opportunities for the next set to do this. In history, it was naturally done without anyone ever having to talk about it. Now, we need to knowingly make this known to others. We have to be verbal and “recruit” to the next level. It is either this or we watch organizations die (like the Legion, VFW, Elks, etc.). If it isn’t asking them to fill in a position that always existed; we could ask them to save the organization. Yes, modernize a dinosaur. Dinosaurs either evolve to become elephants and gators, or they die. It might take the next set of folks. (If it isn’t worth saving…)

Instead of being a bunch of sour ass people; why don’t we find something good about them. We grew out of looking like junkies and listening to moody bullshit music, why not give them the same chance? Its on us. We could condemn the western civilization to doom like the entitled class has or we could embrace new opportunities.

Feel free to invite the Millennials to life 2.0.

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2 Responses to Gen X Folly: Missed Generational Opportunity

  1. lastmod says:

    Ummmmmm, let me think about that. Yeah. “no” is my answer. I have supervised plenty in this generation. Complain. Complain. Tell me how smart and talented, and gifted. and amazing, and brilliant they are…..

    GenX has many failings, but in the end most of us just picked up, and went to work.

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