Unconstitutionally Yours

In our country; we had a terrible set of experiments called “Prohibition”. Alcohol prohibition, that is. We watched idiocy in motion and we repeated it with marijuana. We made things illegal that were once legal. Then we ate the results. The irony is that we are doing it again. This time, we are willing to screw around with people’s ability to work to feed themselves. And I am willing to predict the fact that we might see a little of the same “death and corruption” that we saw before.

On one of my websites that I check on occasion reminded me that a few days ago was the 90th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that buying liquor didn’t violate the Constitution. It took a stupid court case. And as I have told you before, if you are waiting for the court to give you rights, you have screwed up. Regular conservatives will tell you that I am being obtuse for not having faith in the “balance of government power”. I’m not. The dress wearing lawyers of the Supreme Court have screwed up too many times to be legitimate. Look up Kelo v. City of New London court case if you don’t believe me. Don’t wait for them to defend your rights.

You would ask me for the reason why I bring this up. We are on the verge of a giant f*ck around of epic proportions. I see many of the pending lawsuits about the government mandated Covid-19 lockdowns will increase government powers. These court cases are seldom “yes” or “no”. It could mean anything. The government, always having a legion of nut less losers on the payroll, will use case law from whatever convenient precedents to screw you. Your inability to run your own life screwed you. And it will screw your kids and kids’ kids. You shouldn’t count on these people taking care of you.

It might have been booze in the 30’s, now it is your ability to go to work. These assholes with have the Supreme Court say that “non-essential” business owners aint sh*t. They will tell you that the government was right to stop you from paying your bills and trying to feed yourself. (By the way, all commerce is essential. Workers of all types are essential). The sh*tbergs and Karens among us will tell you that it is for your own good. It isn’t up to them. Your life is up to you to live. No other man besides you can tell you what you need. (If you depend on a faceless set of people like the government to live your life; you set your sights low). Don’t be surprised when those people fail you.

Unconstitutionally yours,


Matt FreeMatt

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