FreeMatt in Review: 5-23 to 5-30

Although the storms of our lives are seeing the most violent parts occurring; many of us are still calling for cooler heads to prevail. In the meantime, while we wait, feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


Unconstitutionally Yours

I give my two cents worth and warn people that depending on the courts to fix everything with a magic wand doesn’t work. It often leaves you disappointed. It was easier for you to not let it get out of hand to begin with.

Gen X Folly

                There are opportunities for greatness and leadership among us. I make the argument that we should call upon one of the most maligned groups; millennials.  It is a call to Life 2.0. Learn more in this post.

The Matters w/ Matt: Unfocused

                Once again; I go back to skewering self-help advice columns. This week brings us a woman mad that she never got a proper marriage proposal. Red flags abound. If you are puzzled by advice columns, enjoy our spin on them.

Ahmaud Arbery: A Man’s Responsibility

                I share a personal story where I was detained and question in regard to a burglary. The demeanor you carry and your choice of how you look are important things in your life. I could never justify violence against someone for looking a certain way (or having certain mannerisms) but I would prefer to not invite suspicion to begin with. Please read more in this latest post.

FreeMatt’s Memorial Day Message

                On a day best used to stop and memorialize those that lost their lives in battle, (also those that served in combat), I made a call to action. We should be inspired to fight a bloodless war at home. Remember the Legion of the Eternal Young.


After all that has transpired, lets pick “us” up this next week. Count blessings and see sun between the clouds.


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