What I’m Reading, Listening to And Concerned About


Sheldon Richman writes a great article about adopting human behavior above what the Non-Aggression Principle asks for. It is being considerate of others. Great lessons abound.



Additional Reading:


Zac Small started a movement and started out to help men. But he found out something else; the purpose behind the life and death of Hunter Drew. He showed us that a life worth living was worth living authentically. Learn from his example.





Jon Rennie, former Submarine Officer and business expert, has a wonderful podcast out with Ronald Donnell about the “3 C’s of Leadership” that was published on May 23rd. Jon brings the heat and makes a very informative podcast.



Even during our best times in our country, people put entrirely too much faith in the government. It is a great idea to shy away from violence but it shows intellectual stupidity when you wait for the Supreme Court to supposedly defend your rights. You know that this doesn’t work. Im concerned that you will riot instead of doing what you should have been doing all along. Not trusting government on autopilot but being involved with the process. You fail when you let it get to the courts. There is always something you could be doing. Do it now, instead of waiting for a faceless entity to live your life.


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