What I’m Reading, Listening to And Concerned About


“DJ” Mitchell writes a great article about eliminating qualified immunity. It is a giant gamble but it is an idea that might grow professionalism in law enforcement. It is something that I have talked about before.



Additional Reading:

 Daniel Larison is willing to speak out about a terrible relationship that many politicians have pushed on us. It is starting to be beyond abusive. It is no longer in our best interest. Im not a big fan of The AmCon but it was an interesting column.




Zac Small at the Leadership and Action podcast has a podcast titled The Way Life “Should” Be. (Life isnt fair but life can be what you will it to be!). Enjoy the show!



Give the people what they want and they still won’t be happy. I am not waiting around to try and help you be happy. Only you can choose to be happy. You will be miserable when you depend on someone else. (You also can choose to not be offended but you can only do some much for others). Get on with your life.


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