FreeMatt in Review: 6-6 to 6-13

There are several things that a country must do to exist. Outside of having an airline and a beer, you must repel invasions. Time will tell. In the meantime; please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


TimeOut For Boys in The Ditch

I reflected how I had a great day in spite of watching the world burn. I was feeling great and enjoyed decent weather. I push you to not get swept up in things that you can’t control.


Advertising Dollars Matter

I share a piece on how low companies stoop to make a dime since “tha’ Rona got them down”. Polite hint: These woke companies don’t really care. The only color they care about is green.

  Special Thanks to You For the Western Genocide

Black Lives Matter and their fiendish parent organization are blindly pushing us towards an evolutionary cliff. Learn more in this Planet of The Humans piece.

The Matters w/ Matt: Terrible Friend

Someone made a mistake of writing into Ask Amy looking for advice, what they revealed is that they were a terrible friend. I skewered them with a dose of reality in this weeks The Matters w/ Matt.

Marie Kondo is the new Carlos the Jackal

Instead of being dark about our trying times, I decided to be dark about an ongoing joke. I, along with a family member, am deathly scared of Marie Kondo. I see through her thin frame and polite smile. She is hell on wheels. Simply, she is a freelance terrorist/international hitman.

Stop watching the news. Read a book. Use your brain and choose to be well.  Enjoy the week.


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