Hollyweird/Homocorp Sissies Be Warned

“Every rich, famous, fuck face who refuses to stand up to the mob, every powerful man is actually weak because his only power is cash-he has no balls to back that up- these are the low swine that the lumpen proletariat adore, and that is why they- the majority- are lower than they could be”.

Isaiah from Sanction II, (courtesy of Roman McClay).

Many had said broke shall meet woke. I want to tell corporate ass kissers that cowering will not help you survive. It will also not help you make money.

The people that actually proscribe to many of the complaints made won’t remember your feeble attempts at placating the hordes. They will loathe you more. Their disdain for your ingenuity will shine. It will only anger them. They have a healthy respect for force. A lack of force will not stop them.

The people you target with “hip” slogans and pandering messages will see through them. They aren’t stupid. You are nothing but a stupid pawn who hasn’t used up their usefulness yet. As long as they gain support (morale, monetary, and legal), they will keep you around. When you aren’t useful, you aren’t shit. You end up trash afterwards.

Feel free to die on your feet. Fighting will give you a better thrill than hiding. Just like a workplace shooter; it might take catching a bullet to stop them. Its your thrill. Be the animal that fights back. Have a voice and dare to disagree.

Lose a customer and a friend. Pick up a few when you dont act like a punk bitch.

They are coming for you. Wake up; time to die.

Sure as hell , dont end up in a shitty video like the one below.


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4 Responses to Hollyweird/Homocorp Sissies Be Warned

  1. Jack says:

    Regarding that video… There is no real responsibility to back up their words. They are just mouthing platitudes to conform to the narrative and get airtime. Every one of them is paid to do so. They are all puppets.

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