Popularity Wouldn’t Pay Me

Especially in an age as corrupt and ignorant as this, the good opinion of the people is a dishonor.—Montaigne from “Of Repentance


Although popularity pays money, it never paid me. I guess that I am glad that I didn’t stay popular. I’ve had a few seconds in the sun but in the long run it faded.

I am blessed that few people remembered me picking up a punk by his hair and slamming him out of his desk in junior high. I seldom if ever was known for violence. (No one remembered that I was in detention the second most of our class). I ran into the guy at a funeral and we have both seen better days. It is great being no one.

The hand full of people that actually remember me generally bring up something nice, instead of my pranks or stupid jokes. I didn’t get voted in as the most popular but it was great that no one brought up the worst I did.

In our present times; I am more than thankful that I am a somewhat random face in the crowd. Im not an authority or a guru. I can walk into a restaurant without being mugged but a free meal sounds appealing.

If I would have been a Hollyweird chump; I would probably be a sellout or a crying ass ch*ckenshit. (It comes with the territory when you become famous and make ducats). People expect you to act like someone without a differing opinion and they get hurt when they find out that you secretly like off the wall sexual fetish stuff. You go on one of these moronic PC fits to try to fix things. I am thankful that this isn’t me.

I don’t hold a “great opinion” in anyone’s eyes. I fond of “broads” with large breasts and wonderful personalities. I didn’t do shit compared to many people around me. (I have been fired a few times in my professional “working time”). (Networking is a nightmare and I generally hate the concept).

Im just a dude that goes to work. You can call me “Reverend”, although I suck at the religious element of it. Im only your guru if you are looking for stupid humor.

I work because popularity didn’t/doesn’t pay me. How do I start an OnlyFans?




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2 Responses to Popularity Wouldn’t Pay Me

  1. Gunner Q says:

    Not having a rep means not having anything to prove. I think the latter gets more people killed every year than alcohol.

    Christ Himself set an example of why fame isn’t everything when he started using boats to escape the crowds. One a narcissist can enjoy that kind of endless love/hate attention.

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