FreeMatt in Review: 6-21 to 6-26

Contrary to what I said the other day, let me paraphrase Jim Webb: “It is time to fight”. In the meantime; please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


An Open Letter to “Elise”


I wrote a letter to an “unnamed person” who is struggling with understanding the concept of love within the scope of others. It served as a starting point for many that don’t know what it takes to be loved.


Hollyweird/Homocorp Sissies Be Warned

 You are losing the war because of your adoption of “selling out to survive”. It is better for you to die on your feet than wait to get decapitated on your knees.


The Matters W/ Matt: Old Standby

 Ask Annie fails to teach a man that he is someone’s number two choice in this latest The Matters w/ Matt advice column.

Popularity Wouldn’t Pay Me

I celebrate the fact that I’m not popular. I had previously wanted it but I figure that people would hate me. In the long run; I found out I was doing okay.


This Day In History: Good and Bad

 Once again, struggling to find an article, I notice some interesting events in history that have a lesson for us. This is especially notable for BLM and Antifa supporters. The government isnt here to help you.


Culture isn’t destroying what you don’t know or what you are uncomfortable with. Don’t be a victim and have a good week.


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