Masturbation Isn’t China’s Biggest Problem

Contrary to what the NY Post tells you, excessive masturbation isn’t China’s biggest problem.

Jacking your junk didn’t stop many sailors from serving with dignity in the US Navy. I knew of a few that could go at it like it was our nation’s number one hobby. The vast majority of these one armed bandits could pass the physical readiness test and graduate boot camp with no major issues.

There are real problems that hamper military readiness in China. Issues with nutrition and holes in the food supply are real problems with potential recruits. Playing video games isn’t that big of a problem.

A huge problem for China as a military force, outside of “malnurished junk jacking” idiots, is logistics. For the short sighted, roads, air access, and access to ocean going ports. The military competes with itself for rail space, roads, and what have you. You have to move the tanks that you use to smash people at protests. You have to move poorly trained bullet sponges so they can invade places like Hong Kong. You don’t want them at home, where they can mutilate their genitals.

This was a half-assed attempt at making you laugh. China has plenty of cool weapons and hidden tricks to attempt to smoke our asses with. And remember:


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