Canadian Football Hypocrites

The other day I was thumbing through the dregs of the news world. I wasn’t disappointed by the news writers.

I found a few stories that had some slant to them. (It isn’t exactly written for phony Somalian libertarians living outside of the city). A few of the stories take a soft stance at poor behavior and people that accept violent attitudes. But for once; I found a gem in a pile of proverbial industrial slag.

It was reported that the Edmonton Eskimos released a former college football player that was relatively well known in this state. The reason was gold:

He was released because of a supposed homophobic tweet.

His tweet contained his opinion, not exactly homophobic.

“Ima keep it this real … Man ain’t suppose to be with a man. A women is not suppose to be with another women. THAT’S ME THO! Live life with safety.”

I find it atrocious that he isnt entitled to an opinion. I dont know the particulars of his contract but I doubt it had anything to do with not having his own opinion.

The unhumorous part of the whole shebang is that the Canadian Football League released a statement:

“We in the CFL hold high the Diversity Is Strength banner. Our league makes no claim on perfection, but it does strive to be inclusive, to accept and indeed celebrate our differences, and to respect and honour human rights. There is no place in our league for commentary that disparages people on the basis of their religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. As Pride Month continues, we stand with the LGBTQ+ community. We all need to say no to hate and yes to love.”

It was merely woke bs. In Orweillan fashion, they snap back with “hold high the Diversity is Strength banner”. Their league claims to “accept and indeed celebrate our differences”. 

What about Mr. Jones and the people who are diverse enough to not want to celebrate Pride Month? Could you not stop to think that your league can be diverse with thought? It isn’t very diverse to expect everyone to stoop to your feeble attempts at pandering for dollars.

He even mentioned this in tweets after he was inundated with threats and vitriol. Just for voicing his opinion. I do laugh about this. It could be us next.

He is a black man. He likes being straight, thinks that men and women should be with each other only.

The non alphabet, common sense, evolutionary friendly types wish Mr. Jones the best.

Roll Tide and I hope that you land where you are wanted.


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