More Inconvenient Questions

To make up for not having a posting for yesterday; I decided to put together an extra on top of my other posting for today


I wanted to aggregate a few questions I gleamed from other websites that I want you to ponder:



Taken directly from the title of Wintery Knight’s July 2nd posting. My question to many is just that. Additionally, can we not show “agency” or some form of personal accountability?

But what exactly is Black Lives Matter asking for?


Taken from Bartholomew Murphy’s America First Student Blog. I want people to know what the organization wants (and offers) versus what many angry members of the public want. They aren’t congruent. One wants to watch western civilization burn and the others want for their grievances to be heard.

If my culture is worthy of critique and ridicule; why isn’t yours?

Pride drives us often in our lives. We make a series of decisions (for ill or good) that shape what happens to us. My culture is often highlighted by stupid television programming and often shittier music. It is skewered by pseudo intelligent types, upper crust CONservatives, and Hollyweird types. I dont get butthurt about it. But you often do. Your pride prevents you from taking outside criticism. You often show the appearance of reveling in your own filth. But your representatives fail to take the criticism in stride (or learn from it).

Are all men created equal or are they not?


Taken from When in the Course of Human Events – LewRockwell, written by Andrew Napolitano. (Posted in the MC Viewpoint by M.C.)

Do you become less equal than others? Do you feel less equal? This tails into a myriad of different questions. I often say that you can choose how you feel and you can choose how “rich” or “poor” you are. It is beyond law and it moves into character.


I want for you to light the fire under your own asses and think about things like this. It is your life now. You are free to be as free as you want to be.

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20 Responses to More Inconvenient Questions

  1. porngirl3 says:

    “But you often do. Your pride prevents you from taking outside criticism.”

    This is divisive!!

    That’s the main issue going on right now. Everyone wants to take up a side and consider their side correct.

    The humility you pander seems condescending.

    That’s my take. Probably not worth much to you but there it is all the same.

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    • Not meant to be. My side is killing themselves in worse ways. I feel like I am battling a losing battle trying to help. The pride I mentioned was the same that sociologist noticed in Scottish American communities. It is a survival instinct of sorts but it hinders too.


      • porngirl3 says:

        Sorry. I’m just aggravated to no end by the us vs them mentality.

        I recognize everyone has their unique vantage but when will we all realize we are so much better together?

        We need to bridge these gaps not reinforce them. And I know that in order to do that understanding each other is a good start but it doesn’t justify standing your ground. It just doesn’t. Everyone has to shift a little to make this world cohabitate properly. Some more than some. Some less so. I think that’s more individualized than anything.

        So it’s not about color or race or background. It’s about what we each bring to the table and which way out heart leans.

        We all have to extend an arm in this race. Not just to take, but to give, to comfort, to heal.

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      • I follow you. I will have to forewarn people that I had been a close loving person like what our world needed at one time. It is never my intention to dig a bigger ditch but Im not inside of the ability to build bridges. I believe that I was in the wrong for many years when I failed to have standards for myself and I let others down when I rewarded the worst in people. I am tough on people. I dont feel that I have an “us”. But Im not a free agent by any means.


  2. porngirl3 says:

    Failed to have standards for myself and I let others down when I rewarded the worst on people.

    That is a powerful statement. I commend you for the honesty at even looking at that.

    You don’t have an “us”? I don’t know. You know better than I. But I dare say we all have many us’s, we don’t even realize.

    Don’t forward anyone of anything. The compassionate will understand, the uncompassionate will never believe you or care.

    Just be you. 💋

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    • Besides the FoE and my family…not sure who else is my us.


      • porngirl3 says:

        That’s narrow sighted. Pick any random thing about yourself, ethnicity, sex, age, income bracket. The list is only as short as your imagination


      • porngirl3 says:

        Forge of Empire?


      • Fraternity of Excellence


      • porngirl3 says:


        Well far be it for me to try to discourage you from being a better man but what they said about men could be said about women.

        Women today are overworked and hyper-stressed. They’re filled with anxiety and are living to please others, lacking any semblance of an authentic identity.

        Women are trying to be who they think others will approve of and no longer expressing who they truly are.

        And this part…..

        Men have forgotten how to be women because they’re being told to repress their masculinity instead of expressing it. 

        Is incorrect. Society is asking men to be more compassionate and access their emotions more instead of brute force. We are asking them to champion for equal rights and make room for women to also be in power.

        Here we are once again in the US vs them bs.

        The battle of the sexes has been rampant as long as I can remember.

        There is hatred, distrust and dissatisfaction on all sides but if we can’t learn to see each other as human beings having a shared experience and walking each other home then what’s the use of any of this really. I don’t get it. I really don’t.

        But I’m done pandering to men’s fragile egos and both sides anger issues. Jeezus.

        When are we going to figure this thing out.

        We are one race! We all have the same emotions, needs and desires. The human range of life is varied but we all fit within it. Together.

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      • My only disagreement with any of this is that many of the things that I see that are off (news worthy) is a dearth of healthy masculinity and a overdose (of sorts) of toxic feminine elements. We are out of balance. You seem to have a great input.


      • porngirl3 says:

        There is always an overcorrection when things swing from one side of the pendulum to the right balance. I agree. Not all feminine empowerment is healthy, but until we reach a point of being treated with true equity there will be lots of bumps in the road on all sides.


      • PG: Do you think that women you know (or dont know) could pull off a SoE?


      • Sorority of Excellence (or a female version of the FoE) l, the Iron Council/Order of Men, Dad Edge Alliance, etc. but for ladies


      • porngirl3 says:

        Ahhh nope. Not my thing.

        Not that I don’t support women. I do; and it would be nice to have a support group. But. Nah. Definitely not my thing.

        I can’t imagine aligning myself to a group based just on my chromosomes. And honestly I don’t tend to get a long with a lot of women. There are a few low key, sincere, grounded women I enjoy spending time with and getting to know but I am a true loner.

        And I feel a lot like Groucho Marx used to say. “I would never belong to a group that would accept me as a member”. Lol

        Maybe not that skeptical, but I think you get my point. I don’t really tend to enjoy group dynamics that much either. So to find a group I feel comfortable being myself with would be a stretch for me.

        But everyone has to know themselves that way.

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  3. porngirl3 says:

    Forwarn*. Damn autocorrect


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