FreeMatt in Review: 6-27 to 7-3

Remember, hurt comes in many forms. The right way to treat it will come into light soon. In the meantime, please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.


Masturbation Isn’t China’s Biggest Problem

 I jokingly told people that you can be a frequent masturbator and still serve in the military. I list a few of the real issues that face China’s military. 

Canadian Football Hypocrites

 A man loses his job and the corporate sellouts give lip service because of it.

Broken Record: You Won’t Be Happy

 Choose to be happy. I gave a long-winded rant that puts you in the frame to be happy and go screw.

You Are Judged By the Company You Keep

I told a story about how the people you hang out with effect your future. I dodged a bullet, but many men haven’t. 

More Inconvenient Questions

I ask a few questions that I borrow from various people. Think of the answers yourself and think of solutions from your heart.


We missed a few great opportunities. Take a timeout this weekend. Don’t be a victim and have a good week.

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